About NetFi Wireless Broadband Service

RGV Akshay is deploying Gigabit Ethernet Port solution, the most spread FTTB technology in the access network world, thereby maximizing the economical efficiency of optical feeders and providing scalable split ratio according to service requirements and service density. This deployment architecture enables seamless provision of Cable TV services and the Internet services on the same access. Also, this architecture paves the way for offering many future services on the same infrastructure, such as, Interactive TV with Video on Demand and a host of Value added services like home security, community entertainment, e-services etc.,. In short the applications will be limitless and left to the imagination and innovation only.

Have interference issues with wireless broadband and DSL? Move to Fiber to the Building (FTTB) connection from RGV Akshay that can offer an experience of real time browsing and much more Speed.

Internet and cable TV are delivered on a single optical fiber connection extended to your door step!

FTTB: RGV Akshay infrastructure is such as Internet and VOIP IP telephony and Video services require real time packet processing and the core network of RGV can transmit and receive packets in real time with its fast and state of the art fiber technology. A true feeling of services such as Community Entertainment with Videos, Social Networking and home security with CCTV are only made possible through such a high speed last mile service.